Private Dentures

Dentures are used to replace missing teeth and can either be ‘full’ dentures, which replace all of your original teeth, or ‘partial’ dentures, to replace gaps in your teeth.

Dentures not only replace missing teeth but also provide facial support as well as playing an important role in eating and drinking.

Here at Oak tree, our aim is to give you back the function and quality of life you once had, with high quality dentures that look natural.

We understand that making dentures is personal to the patient we are making them for, so we understand that you may have very specific requirements about how you want them to look or feel.

We offer a wide range of dentures such as Acrylic, Cobalt Chrome, flexible, and implant retained dentures here at Oak tree, so whatever your personal preference, we’ve got the answer.

We ask our patients to have patience over the course of treatment and understand that there are numerous appointments throughout making a new denture, sometimes with repeat stages to enable the best results. 

We simply cannot make a denture and go through all the important stages of the process, whether NHS or Private, in just a few weeks. If you wish to pursue having a new denture made, we ask that you come to us in plenty of time, ideally allowing 2 months for us to make the denture and ensure it is as comfortable as possible. 

The vast majority of patients' will need adjustments to their dentures after a trial run of their new one's has been undertaken.