Crowns and Bridges

If you have broken a tooth and your dentist has recommended a crown, this involves treatment in a 2 stage process:

Firstly, we would prepare your tooth to the right shape for a crown/Bridge and take an impression of it, also recording an opposing impression so we can get your bite correct. We would also take a shade match, or we offer you the choice to go and have a personal shade match at the laboratory we use. On this appointment, a temporary crown, usually made from composite filling material, is placed over the prepared tooth to minimise post-operative sensitivity and this also provides a more natural looking tooth until we can fit the lab made crown. 

On your second appointment with us, we fit your custom made crown, always using a Private laboratory for the best possible outcome, so that your carefully crafted crown blends in with the rest of your mouth.

Crowns are a great treatment option when only a small amount of tooth tissue remains. A crown completely covers the tooth, acting like a superior casing for the tooth, giving it more structure and support.

A bridge acts in the same way but we can also hang a false tooth in the place of an already missing tooth/teeth.

There are various types of crowns and bridges, ranging in their materials, but nevertheless they are a great way to replace missing teeth, restore your smile, rebuild your confidence, and improve the function to eat and chew.


Crown and Bridge work is effective and affordable and should always be maintained like your natural teeth. We always give you the best maintenance and after care information so that you can rest assured your quality restoration will last for numerous years.

The NHS provides crown and bridge work on a Band 3 charge but if you wanted a Porcelain or natural looking crown toward the back of the mouth, this is seen as ‘Cosmetic’ and is therefore a private charge. We have a great range of private crowns that provide superior strength and exceptional aesthetics.

NHS crowns are metallic in colour toward the back of the mouth.

Cosmetic crowns can range from Porcelain, Ceramic, High noble Gold, or a combination of Metal/Porcelain.