Hygiene therapy

Periodontal Disease, or gum disease, affects 15% of the adult population in the UK today. It is a disease that people are rarely aware of, especially when it is in its early stages, as it is often not painful to the person. The disease affects the teeth, gums and the bone that surrounds the teeth holding them in place.

As Gum disease progresses, sore gums become more apparent and if left untreated, teeth can become loose as the bone surrounding your teeth decreases.

Gum disease is known as a ‘multi-factorial’ disease meaning there are many contributing factors. However, among them, the most common causes are poor removal of plaque left on teeth and smoking. Bacteria thrives on the plaque on your teeth, causing the gums to become red and inflamed and very often to bleed. The key is that healthy gums should not bleed.

Here at Oak Tree, we believe your gums are extremely important as the gums and bone are the foundation holding your teeth in place. This is why we offer an exceptional hygiene therapy treatment where the hygienist will remove plaque and hardened deposits on the teeth, benefiting the health of your gums greatly.

At Oak tree, we believe treating gums is the key to maintaining and aiding the lifespan of your teeth and your general oral hygiene. Visiting the hygienist may simply be an intermittent treatment between check-up appointments to maintain healthy gums, or can involve more thorough treatment if Gum disease is evident. Our hygienist is devoted to her field of expertise and really strives to get the results you would want for your oral hygiene. She has a real passion for motivating you during your treatments with her and helping you with your home oral health routine, and finds that by educating you and informing you on how best to look after your gums really does get the best results.

Oak tree always aims to provide you with a friendly and efficient service, helping you take home that all important information that the hygienist will provide you with, so as you can maintain your teeth to the highest standard at home. The hygienist is specially trained to help you achieve the healthiest mouth possible and she will work alongside you until you achieve your goals.

We offer a ‘Prophy Jet’ stain removing technique which is where sodium bicarbonate powder and water is sprayed onto the teeth at a high pressure, which removes even the toughest of stain!