Dr Jonathan Swinscoe and Dr Amy Chandler are currently the registered Denplan dentists here at Oak tree and provide the Denplan Care and Denplan Essentials care pathways.

They are great Dental care plans that cover you for a wide range of high-quality dental treatments, while spreading the cost.

Both plans include supplementary insurance and access to 24 hour worldwide emergency cover.

Both plans are pay monthly by direct debit on the 1st of every month (which is all taken care of from our end). We provide a Free Denplan Assessment whereby we can tell you

more about the plans and find out which Fee Catergory you would pay. 


If you are interested in joining Denplan, you can contact our friendly reception team to find out more about Denplan and book your free assessment with the dentist.

It is a no hassle sign up process and should you want to leave the plan, that's a simple process also. 


In a Nut shell:

Denplan Care is our all encompassing Plan which gives its patients full cover of check up's, x-rays, scaling (whether its the dentist or Hygienist), fillings (white and silver), Extractions,

Root Canal Treatment and Denture, Bridge and Crown work. With any work that we send off to our dental lab (crowns, bridges, dentures), patients just pay a small lab fee which is

discussed and approved by you before we go ahead with any treatment, so you're always in the picture. 

If you find yourself needing a lot of dental treatment, are classed as high risk or have ongoing gum problems, then we suggest this Care plan. 


Denplan Essentials is more of maintenance plan where by you can either opt for Catergory A or Catergory B

Cat A: x2 Check up's and x2 Hygienist visits for scaling/polishing

Cat B: x2 Check up's and x4 Hygienist visits for scaling/polishing (this option is given to those with ongoing gum problems such as Gum disease)