Tooth whitening

Tooth whitening is a great treatment to have if you want a smile makeover with no fuss.

In fact it’s one of the easiest treatments you could pursue to get back your smile, and more importantly your confidence.

There are many reasons why our teeth can become duller looking or have high staining. Tooth whitening can remove of staining, give you a brighter smile, and overall boost your confidence.

It’s a cost effective treatment as it can last a lifetime with the correct maintenance and care.

There are numerous ways your dentist can offer tooth whitening, but here at Oak Tree we offer the ‘Home Tray system’ where we simply take impressions of your upper and lower teeth, make an ultra slim plastic tray, and then we show you how to use the bleaching gel that then goes inside the tray. We also advise you in what food/drinks to avoid during and immediately after treatment so you can keep that bright smile.

It’s the simplest technique in getting a brighter smile, and it’s tried and tested and has gotten some great results.

The treatment is completely safe and comfortable, with patients finding only a slight sensitivity that decreases once you stop whitening your teeth.

 The great benefit of whitening your teeth yourself is that you’re in control so if you do experience some sensitivity during treatment, you can start and stop whenever you choose to do so. We always stock top-up tubes of bleaching gel here at the practice so you’ll never be without it.

We offer Home whitening treatment for £295.00 which includes 4-6 tubes of bleaching gel. Also Included in this price is a visit to the hygienist to remove any hardened staining from tea, coffee, red wine, or smoking before you start your whitening treatment.

Each additional tube of bleaching gel after the initial treatment are £25.00 per tube.